The number of pupils grew 66, but the school almost disappeared in the last six months of the year due to political unrest. Mr Tromp, who joined the rebellion, under Gen de Wet, against the annexation of South West Africa by the British, was killed on the battlefield at Doornberg. Later the school reverted to being only a Primary School with students going to Vrede or Newcastle for High School education. As mentioned earlier the 1914 rebellion had its origens here in Memel under Gen. On 8 November 1917, these men were re-buried at the foot of a monument erected raised at the northern end of Voortrekker Street to remember fallen men. It is once again on an up with significant developments taking place.

At the battles of Doornberg on 8 November, and at Mushroomvalley on 12 November 1914 8 men from Memel fell. As mentioned Mr Tromp was one and de Wet's son Danie was another. One stormy Saturday morning 52 years ago, on May 15 1948, a farmer called Odendaal saw, through the light rain, a plane flying in and out of the clouds, apparently below the level of the mountains. On the farm Rosedale old Mrs Botha was in the kitchen when she heard a strange droning noise approaching, so she went to the doorway. The plane she saw appearing out of the mist was so low she could see its wings tousling the tops of the pines around the farmhouse. When the plane skimmed over Rosedale just after 7.20am light rain and thick mist obscured visibility. The aircraft smacked into the scarred, blackened rock just below the crest of the mountain and burst immediately into flames. Bodies lying around, as far as 100m away, were still on fire and Botha had to throw soil on them to douse the flames.

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